Del Cafetal

MAPA Copan
Story Highlights
  • Coffee Producers
  • New Emerging coffee brand 2020
  • Coffee farm since 1970
  • Coffee roasters
  • Cafeteria since 2020

new merging coffee brand but now new to the business. In fact they have been producing coffee for decades if not centuries. Maybe since the modern history of Copan Ruinas, 1970 to be more precise as a coffee farm. 
The launch of the brand happened in 2020, COVID-19 didn’t stop this project and as of 2022 looks like they are full swing operational.

I love how they bring customer service thru their online platform, if you are in Copan Ruinas and want delivery please consider them and visit their online menuTeléfono: 9664-9157 , 9875-5969
Instagram: delcafetalhn
Facebook: delcafetalhn


Their store front is easily accessible as soon as you enter Town coming from San Pedro Sula, one block to the right from the stadium and voila !! good coffee served.
You can use of MAPACOPAN to find them faster and easy. Or feel free to use their platform to get directions, if you use whatsapp they are always at the phone ready to answer.

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