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It has been quite a trip. 10 Years of just taking photos and more than 1 Million photographs taken, I have about used 4 Full Frame professional DSLR cameras to complete this task.
And the cameras still had a good deal of life left. Among them i used a canon 50D, canon 60D, a 5D Mark III, a canon 30D and my latest 6D mark II, oh!! and my beloved canon 6D , so its not 4 cameras, it’s 6 !!! wait !!! someone bought me a canond EOS Elan 7e before. not digital..
wow !! what a blessing !!!!

Anyone would believe i studied to make this type of work, but the truth is I bought my first camera when my first son was born and i wanted good photos. When i first grabbed the camera I’ll be honest i just shot in “Auto” mode. from there it was not until 2 years later that i decided to plunge and squash my learning curve to a few hours of good youtube self teaching lessons.

I can’t believe how far I’ve come after this ten years, before signing off on this i decided that is not time to sign off yet. There will be Leandro’s Photo Studio for many years to come.

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