Hacienda San Lucas

MAPA Copan
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  • Spectacular View/sunset
  • Enjoyable people and surroundings
  • Nature
  • Food
  • Drinks

What a blessing !
This last weekend I did my regular photoshoot at hacienda San Lucas, beautiful couple in a dimly lit and romantic environment for guess what !! a proposal, the man would get on his knees as a surprise photoshoot for her. it all went well as she said YES !!!

I had arrived earlier to get a sense of the decoration and how we had planned, but I could not wait to finish to walk the property and see all the new and beautiful things the owners have done to the place.
I am completely in love to what Hotel Hacienda San Lucas has done for their guests and visitors, the remodeling of the ” mirador” now a dock went completely a 180 degree turn as before there was no dock and now there is one and with a small bar, and everyone’s loving it. Up towards the cabins and behind their reception and restaurant there is now an infinite swimming pool, this is is the greatest addition to the resort as it features several pools for guests to enjoy. only to guests.
I wanted to jump into it and swim all night, maybe ill do this soon.

Next lets talk about the ” Long Island drink, which i think should be named the 20 second shot. at least for me since i found it to be so strong 20 seconds later into the first zip and I was really enjoying the view, augmented reality I would say, The sunset here and this drink I see why everyone was having the same drinks, one after the other,, I need to come back here with a good number of friends.

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