Bridge Nails of Gold

MAPA Copan

We have a bridge named ” Bridge Nails of gold” there are 3 versions of why is called this way,

#1 we have so much gold in mountains that we built a bridge with nails of Gold, story
#2 in the early 70’s the budget reported for its construction was a staggering figure.
#3 it took so many good storms that everyone nicknamed it that way.

Which ever version you find interesting the truth is this bridge conforms the landscape of our landmarks, if you’ve come to copan ruinas in the past you probably have passed over it.

This bridge connects all northern Copan Ruinas to downtown, important tourist attractions like Macaw Mountain, Luna Jaguar Spa, and all major coffee farms and bottled drinking water companies use this bridge. In February 2019 the construction site was almost completed. This is a great photo to remember all the workers and companies who came to work in our bridge.

Which story do you find more interesting? feel free to comment.


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