hail storm and power outage

MAPA Copan

pebble size hail is pouring down and pounding copan at 7:55pm tornado like wind gusts caress the trees as they dance from one side to the other. The typical power outage within minutes followed by a sequence of power back on and power black outs, these storms are the ones who do most of the damage to appliances and electronics. This is what keeps the economy going.

its usually over within minutes” the rain” what is uncertain is the time the power will be restored.

update: One power post broke away from its footing causing the heavy transformer to fall onto a home, little damages are reported, we learned that the power company cut the power so maintenance work can be performed. In the photo you see a car from the electric company already on site assessing and monitoring the situation. Work is expected to initiate at any given moment. we believe units, trucks and proper gear are enroute towards the site. The rest of the town has power, power outage is reported on this block only.

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