Massive Power outage

MAPA Copan

16 hours without power

copan Ruinas suffers a trascendental power failure due to uncontrolled wild fires. These fires burned a wooden power post somewhere between santa rita and el jaral.

its 7:45 at night and all power engines in town rumble loudly as every business has a small and loud power plant, most buildings are not built from day 1 to have a concealed power plant, so business have no choice but to make a connection right at the entrance of their business which ends up in a very loud central park.

the noise can be heard as far as ostuman, a 3 mile distance from center

there is no word as to when power will be restored, some local news reporters have taken pictures of the damaged posts trying to make the news viral, in the pictures no personnel is seen doing or repairing.

The national energy company had scheduled a maintenance work announced, a swap of transformer, at this time this work is seen unattended as most surely the teams were sent to study the site that needs repair.meanwhile near gasolinera uno trucks are left alone and no personnel is vibke and on site. and this power outage is not linked to these announced maintenance work.

Medical center peniel is open and attending emergencies.

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