Storm of the century over Copan Ruinas

MAPA Copan

Record storm, overflowing river, flash flooding, rescues undergoing. the storm of the century over Copan ruinas. Satellite images shows the moment the heavens fell right down. I have been in Copan Ruinas more than 13 years and and i had never seen a storm like this.
Stay tuned for tomorrow morning photos of the incomunicated areas. light drizzle continues to fall with sign of non stoping.
Update 07-30-2023. the next day.
Its an ever growing and present sense of worry. The season has just started and last night’s storm was unprecedented. The high levels the water reached and the speed or how quickly the levels rise is the topic or murmuring this morning. After seeing how the water has already receded to lowe levels. Social media and propaganda about the storm rumbles all over social networks. All things back to normal to most commercial activities, as main roads and general tourism is not affected by last night’s apocalyptic storm.

Water transportation pipe and supply lines are not affected, powerlines unaffected, last nights power outage was spontaneous, please note the city of copan receives damages during rushing storms at these critical points, one being Puente Clavos de Oro, which is the highest entrance point of water of cacahuatales creek and the lowest being at Hotel Ciudad Blanca.

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