The Mayan Ruins are taken

MAPA Copan

Friendly manifestation at the archaeological park demanding answers from the minister.
After a hefty storm, literally a storm lasting several hours indigenous group led by Isidoro gathered this morning at the gates of the entrance to the archaeological park.
This friendly manifestations are a common act of rebellion towards government or ministers when pacts are not respected.
Today’s manifestation is to demand from minister Tomas Vaquero to come forward to a table of dialogue and to help solve the internal problems of the indigenous institution which is known to be divided.

This peaceful manifestation is accompanied by police and military forces safeguarding the meeting, as the indigenous groups have all the rights to these demonstrations since Honduras is a free and democratic country. No word from the major yet.

Amidst an economical crisis and a town hungry for travelers the indigenous group seeks a quick answer, as is the tradition learned and the desired outcome from these meetings. It is by tradition or something learned along the way to demand answers. To local hotel and vacational retreats this is bad news as many tourists, already in town get a bad taste of these manifestation when they are not let in.

Please note and remember ! this pacific demonstration is to last 24 hours only/

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